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Meet the lightning-fast

Express Package

For those who demand speed without compromising quality. Look no further! We're thrilled to introduce our exclusive 8-hour intensive design session that promises to reshape or build your new brand into a visual masterpiece in a single day.

The Express Package

Project Duration: 8hr Intensive Session

What's included?

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

Alternative Logo



Brand Pattern

10 Custom Illustrations

Colour Palette


Mini Brand Guideline

Does this package work for you?

Your very own VIP day for you and your business. This package is a great choice for businesses that have deadlines or not so much time day-to-day to spare. Receive a strong brand identity all in a day.

Does this package include Add-Ons?

No, this package does not include additional add-ons.

What is the investment for this package?

£1250 GBP.

How many concepts & revisions are included?

To begin, you will view two stand-out concepts based on your pinterest boards and ideas, from there you will receive two rounds of revisions.

The Creative Process for Club Creative's Visual & Impact Packages

For further details on how the Express package works, please enquire with us directly.

Step #1 : Let's kick things off with a chat, shall we? Time to see if we're a match made in creative heaven!

Let's kickstart our branding journey with a discovery call to see if we're a match made in creative heaven! If that conversation vibes well, we dive right into the exploration phase, where I get to know your business values and goals better. That's when we roll up our sleeves, start pinning like crazy on a shared Pinterest board, toss around style ideas, and whip up a proposed brand mood board for the project. Now, here's the part where we get a little bit serious – a 50% deposit is needed to save your spot in line for our next available project slot. No sweat, though, because we've got three easy-breezy payment methods on the menu, including a super-secure online payment link for your trusty credit or debit cards. Ready to join the club?

Step #2 : Sit Back and Relax. When it's time to dive into the design fun, I'll be back in a flash! 

Boom! Your 50% deposit is in the bag, and guess what? Your booking is now a done deal, and we've saved you a prime spot on our design calender. So, for now, just sit back and relax, because there's not a whole lot to do until we hit the exciting countdown of about 2 to 3 days before your project's start date. When that moment comes, keep an eye on your inbox because we will drop you a line with all the nitty-gritty details and game plan. We're stoked to make your vision a reality, and together, we're about to create some serious design magic!

Step #3 : Let's make it official, shall we? It's time to give your contract a firm nod of approval (and a signature)!

Get ready for some pre-design excitement! Just a couple of days before your project kicks off, we're sending you an invite to your project portal on Notion – it's like our virtual clubhouse! In this Notion wonderland, you'll get a front-row seat to all our initial concepts, have the power to suggest tweaks, and pretty much follow the entire creative journey right there. Take your time to snoop around, get familiar with the info, and I'll swing by on your design day to start crafting some awesomeness! You'll also receive our design contract, so give it a good read, check out the details, and if it's all hunky-dory, go ahead and sign. Congrats, you're officially stuck with us – in the best way possible, of course!

Step #4 : It's D-Day! That's right, Design Day is here, and and we're diving in headfirst, ready to make some creative waves!

Woohoo, it's game time! Your start date is here, and with our brand direction all sorted out, it's time to let us work my design magic. In the days ahead, I'll be cooking up not one, but two killer logo concepts for you. We'll sprinkle in some tweaks and twirls (you've got three rounds of revisions to play with), and boom, we're locked and loaded for any extra goodies like collateral materials or fancy packaging if they're part of your gig. Let's dive into this design adventure together – it's gonna be a blast!

Step #5 : Get ready to pop the confetti and break out the virtual high-fives because today is THE day!

It's the grand finale of our branding journey! Now that your whole branding package is locked, loaded, and looking amazing, we're going to package up those logo variations and digital goodies for you, all ready to rock and roll. Plus, any fancy print and packaging materials? Consider them prepped and primed, good to go for printing! We've got file types galore for you – AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, PNG – you name it, we've got it, and they're all included with each package. Now, here's the fun part: unleash your fantastic new look into the wild! Don't forget to tag @clubcreativeltd so we can swoop in and check out your brand's shining moment in action. #brandinggoals

Ready to join the club?

Now that you've chosen the package that suits you best, please click here to begin your enquiry! We're thrilled about the possibility of collaborating with you on your project. Typically, we aim to respond to inquiries within three working days.

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