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How to be sure your packaging is ‘Shelf-Ready’

Shelf-Ready elements to look out for

These Shelf-Ready elements include:

+ Simplicity with a purpose (Consumers tend to only take 4 seconds to choose what they want, making your packaging clear makes your chances of getting chosen better).

+ Recognisable & Impactful (The packaging follows the same theme for each flavour, even if the brand releases a number of flavours and products the general layout will be the same making it memorable!)

+ Practicality (The design also includes the physicality of the product, I chose a resealable bag to allow consumers to be able to open and close the packet as they wish).

There are so many more key points to look out for when designing shelf-ready packaging but those are my most important tips to remember.

Do you need help designing some packaging ready for retail? Get in touch with us here!


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