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Why a colour palette can build consistency

Increasing brand recognition with colours!

Colour palettes, we all love them! Your customers do too, it’s actually the very first thing people notice when looking at your brand.

When selecting your colour palette, you must make sure (or we will) that your palette includes colours that complement one another, includes a neutral base and I like to maybe add a couple of shades that add a little punch. Once you have your carefully curated palette, you must use these colours within all branded materials - including your social media. When you use your palette consistently, you are helping your customers remember your brand, regardless of where they encounter it.

Colours can not only keep things consistent but it allows your audience to recognise your brand that much easier (85% more in fact).

Being consistent with your brand’s palette can actually help you too. Promoting your brand across different social channels can be challenging, especially if you are marketing different materials for each individual audience, by selecting and using the same colours you are making it that much easier for yourself to stay on brand and keeping the same look and tone of voice throughout.

On the note of keeping all materials on brand, all your colour codes must be included in your brand guidelines making it again, easier, for you and your marketing team to follow the correct hexcodes. Here at Club Creative, we provide you with all your hexcodes, CMYK value, RGB value and Pantone match shades for each and every one of your brand’s colours. Staying consistent will be as easy as counting 1,2,3!


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