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The importance of having a typography suite

Communicating on another level

Did you know that something as simple as your body text font can make such a huge difference in the way your content translates to your readers? This is why, with all of our packages we provide a full typography suite for you to use within all of your branded materials. The typography suite includes your headline, accent and body font. These fonts work alongside each other whilst considering hierarchy, readability and functionality.

Think about how much information, important messaging and product details you will be promoting to customers through text… meaning your font choices matter. Picking a busy and illegible body font might influence your reader to stop reading, and that stops them from checking out.

A business that has a plethora or a ‘messy’ amount of fonts can lead to an unprofessional output of the business values.

It’s time to get your typography suite in line and on brand! Get in touch via this link here!


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